Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Enteral feeding

When your child needs a feeding tube it can be a kick to the gut.  It is a basic human need to be able to feed and nourish your child.   When we are not able to accomplish that without the help of a feeding tube it can be disappointing.   However, what I really want to bring your attention to is the fact that you are giving your child the nourishment they need to reach their health potential.  You should be applauded for that dedication and love.  I'd like to let you in on a little secret as well.  Once you get started with enteral feeding you will have confidence in how much nutrition your child is actually getting.  You won't be wondering how much nutrition they are getting with the tiny amounts of food or formula you were trying to get the baby or child to take in.   There is some peace in that knowledge. 

If your baby or child gets tube feeds, there are products that make it more enjoyable.  The NBN Medical Boutique has Pump Packs that are adorable.  Sometimes having a back pack that is cute and fun makes life a little more enjoyable.  Plus, it looks less medical and more like something a kid would want to carry with them. 

We have pump packs for both the Infinity and Joey feeding pumps.  Come to the Boutique and see what else we have that may be of interest!