Monday, June 23, 2014

Bathroom Safety Tips

·        Place grabs bars on the shower or tub to make getting in and out of the shower easier. 

·        Use night lights or motion sensing lights in the bathroom to prevent tripping or falling when using the bathroom at night. 

·        Use a raised toilet seat, grab bars, or raised toilet rails to make getting on and off the potty easier.

·        Install textured flooring to eliminate the need for bath mats which can be tripping hazard. 

·        Place non slip strips or mat in the tub or shower

·        Use a bath chair or transfer bench. 

·        Install a walk in tub. 

·        Make sure towels, shampoo, soap are easily accessible whether standing or sitting in the bath chair. 

·        To avoid burns, turn your water heater to 120 degrees or below. 

·        Install an alerting system to be able to get help in case of an emergency. 

 Products in NBN Medical Boutique to help with bathroom safety:

Bath chairs – standard and bariatric sizes available

Transfer bench

Grab bars – suction cup that can be installed by anyone and useful for people up to 250lbs.

Pivot poles (go between the toilet and tub) 

Motion sensing lights

Raised toilet seats

Over the toilet commode

Life alert

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